DeWalt Jobsite Radio – DeWalt DCR015 Reviews From Users

DeWalt Jobsite Radio – DeWalt DCR015 Reviews From Users

The DeWalt DCR015 is one of the most popular jobsite radios in the market. The thing that makes it different from the others is that it has a charger which you can use to charge your other DeWalt tools.

It can last for more than 24 hours on a single battery charge. When the radio is plugged in, you can use it as a power bar to charge your mobile phone.

DeWalt Jobsite Radio

Most consumers love this device because it’s sound quality is very good, and it is also very lightweight.

Advantages of DeWalt DCR015:

There are several advantages of the device; some of them are listed below:

It has a charger

If there are frequent power cuts at your worksite, or you like to carry the radio while traveling, then the DCR015 is perfect for you. There is a built-in charger situated at the back of the radio, which you can use it to charge the batteries.

Also, if you want to upgrade your DeWalt tools to a more powerful battery, then you should probably get this radio.

Power Bar

One of the best benefits of the DeWalt DCR015 is its power bar. You can get additional batteries, and charge them simultaneously. You can also charge your mobile phone, iPod, and other devices. This saves a lot of time and effort as you don’t have to carry multiple charging options to your workplace.

Just remember to plug the radio to a power supply, while you are using it as a power bar, else the battery will get drain very fast.


If there is a USB on your radio, then you can use it for several purposes. As nowadays most of the mobile devices support USB charging; therefore, this feature will surely help you in difficult situations.

AUX and Bluetooth

If you want to play some music through your mobile phone or any other music player, you can use an AUX cable to connect it with the jobsite radio. You can also use a Bluetooth adapter if you want to play music without using any cords.

Overall Quality and Impressions of Different Parts

Power Bar

The new DeWalt jobsite radio has two AC outlets, unlike its older version DC012 which had three. However, this will not make much difference because most of the people use only use one outlet for charging and the other one for work.

Also, it’s location has also been changed from the right side to the left. It has a slight advantage as most of the people are right-handed, so while plugging to the outlet, they will face the front side of the radio.

Charging Station

The significant difference between the DCR015 and the DCR012 is the type of cell it uses for charging the device. It has powerful 12V/20V MAX batteries.

charging station

In the image above, you can observe that the charging compartment is located at the back of the radio. It also has a two amp charger which can charge each cell completely in ninety minutes.

Reviews from Real Users:

The DeWalt DCR015 jobsite radio has received both positive and negative reviews from its consumers; however, the overall rating of the device is high.

We researched some of the most helpful reviews and came up with some of the best pros and cons of the radio.

Let’s have a look at some of the reviews.


  • The build quality of the DeWalt radio is good. It is water, and dust resistance. It can also withstand a few small shocks and jerks.
  • The sound quality and volume are better than most of the other radios.
  • It charges the batteries very fast.
  • The radio can last more than 24 hours on a single battery. This is a significant advantage if you work at a place where it is difficult to get a constant proper power supply.


  • While the radio is charging, the FM reception quality gets degraded.
  • The compartment of the media centre is very small, and if you insert an iPhone, it doesn’t close.
  • You can’t play music through USB. It is used only for charging.

If we analyze the overall reviews, then the positive reviews outweigh the negative ones because the positive reviews are about the sound quality and the device’s abilities. On the other hand, most of the negative comments are about design flaws.

Comparison with other DeWalt Jobsite Radios

The DeWalt DCR015 and DCR012 have almost the same features. The only difference is that the DCR012 has 7.2V/18V batteries and the DCR015 has 12V/20V batteries.


You should also know that the owners of DeWalt are Stanley Black and Decker, who also own Porter-Cable.

DCR002 – Bluetooth adaptor

  • You can play music with the help of an AUX cable or directly via Bluetooth.

DCR006 – Bluetooth speaker

  • If you are at your workplace and want to play some song from your smartphone, then you can use this as a Bluetooth speaker.

DCR012 – Battery charger, Power Bar

  • The weight of the device is 15 pounds.
  • It has a 7.2V/18V battery charger.
  • It also has three AC power outlets.

DCR018 – Radio

  • The weight of the device is 6 pounds.
  • It supports all types of batteries provided by DeWalt, i.e., 12V/18V/20V MAX.

Final Say

The DeWalt DCR015 jobsite radio provides a wide range of options for listening songs and music at the workplace. If you want to connect your smartphone via Bluetooth, then you need to get an adapter.

If power cuts frequently happen at your job site, then you can use the radio as a power bar to charge your mobile phone, and other DeWalt tools.

It also has a fantastic sound quality and a sturdy protection frame which makes the radio water, dust, and shock resistant.